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Free shipping on orders over $149*

Welcome to WPD

Created on 2009-02-18 by WPD Staff


WPD is the new division of IPD The Volvo Specialists. IPD has been the leading supplier in the Volvo aftermarket for more than 50 years specializing in automotive repair, upgrade and maintenance parts. IPD has long set the standard for quality and customer service in our field and is now bringing that standard to repair and maintenance parts for many other brands under the WPD banner.

There are many options when it comes to buying parts for your car, so why should you buy from WPD?

  • We are a real brick and mortar company based in Portland, Oregon
  • We have been selling automotive parts, accessories and performance products since 1963
  • We have long standing relationships with the automotive community
  • We back all our products with a satisfaction guarantee
  • We have an easy no-hassle return policy
  • We have a dedicated customer service staff ready to answer your questions
  • We have more than $1,000,000 of on hand inventory ready to ship from our Portland warehouse
  • We have access to multiple distributor warehouses around the country to increase our available inventory

Customer Service

Ultimately, it comes down to service.  There are many online businesses  that have no physical location, no phone number, no on hand inventory and drop ship everything from a third party supplier. Many have impressive web stores that are handled completely by third party services. These types of businesses typically don't know much about the products or brands they are selling. If you do have a problem or a return, it can be a very trying experience to contact someone for assistance. And when you do get a voice on the other end, it would be nice if you could talk about more than return and tracking numbers.

We offer an alternative. An actual customer service staff that eats, sleeps and breathes cars because they like them. We've been faithfully serving the automotive community since 1963 and intend to do so long into the future. We continually strive to provide outstanding customer service for each and every customer, whether they come to us via the internet, phone, fax, front counter or even carrier pigeon. This means training and employing quality people. We may not always be the lowest priced parts retailer out there, but we will always provide quality products and our trademark service at a very competitive price.

Our warranty is clearly in the description on each and every product page of our site. We have competitors that will “offer” tremendous warranty coverage for an additional charge or only for parts that are “professionally installed”. At WPD, we feel that a fair warranty is the customer’s right and not an extra service to be purchased.

We could have less staff and do everything on the web but then we couldn't provide anything close to the level of customer service that we believe in. We have people on our staff that can answer your questions and help you with product choices and project suggestions.


We know that purchasing on the internet can sometimes seem like wandering in the dark. How many times have you received a tracking number that doesn’t actually ship for another week? We strive to provide every customer with actual quantities of available inventory, updates on the status of their order and online shipment tracking information. We understand that timely parts for your car can mean a lot when your transportation is down. Some days your car is a toy, but most days it is an invaluable tool.

Competitive Pricing

To stay competitive in the community, many of the products we sell are on a cost plus basis. This means our prices fluctuate with the market, but will ensure that you always get the best price we can offer. We continually study our competitors to compare where we are in the market and to provide the best value for our customers.  We always appreciate our customer's input about pricing. If you see a product and feel our price is way out of line, please bring it to our attention. 

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