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Created on 2019-02-07 by Megan Russell

When we first reported about the Subaru FA20 valve spring recall back on November 2nd 2018, the Japan Business Press only noted there would be a "large-scale recall notice" from Subaru Japan. At that point, the numbers were only speculation. As of the start of Subaru's first quarter of the year, the speculated amount of recalled FA20 cars is set to be around 420,000.

The failure point: Valve springs located in the engine of the recalled vehicles could fracture, causing the engine to stall and possibly risking an accident. The springs having a problem are responsible for keeping engine valves closed during the fuel combustion process.

"Subaru’s Forester, Impreza and BRZ models are subject to the recall. All models affected by the recall were manufactured between January 2012 and September 2013.

Also affected by the recall is Toyota’s 86 sports car, which was manufactured by Subaru. It was sold in the United States, according to Fox Business, as the Scion FR-S in 2012 and 2013, the years included in the recall."
- Dow Jones News, December 2018

Subaru said that owners of vehicles affected by the recall will start receiving information in the mail starting in December 2018, and that the work to fix the engine part could take over 12 hours.

The costs for the planned recall over the valve spring failure was projected to exceed $25 Billion YEN, roughly $230,157,012.50 USD, by their final quarter in 2018. This does not give the already struggling brand much reprieve after Subaru admitted to falsifying data related to safety standards and procedures.

We currently have reports of local Subaru and Toyota dealerships running their repair facilities with dedicated techs turning around these 12 hour+ recall jobs. If you think that your vehicle might have been affected, please contact your local Subaru or Toyota dealership and have your VIN ready to check. Or, you can try your luck with the Subaru site here, though we highly recommend contacting your local dealer directly.

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