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PDX Euromeet - October Event Media Blog

Created on 2019-10-21 by Megan Russell

What started off to be a rainy and gloomy day, turned out to be a perfect fall event with so many cars, families and little trick-or-treaters!

The week prior to the PDX Euromeet October Event was a rough one for our event organizers who had to decide if the warning of 100% rain and 100% precipitation in the forecast was going to be enough for them to cancel or postpone the event. These crazy car nerds decided to press on, and we're glad they did! The event turned out to be a HUGE success and the turn out was worth it. Somehow the rain passed around the event and never once touched down on the event goers.

We not only had a decent amount of Euro cars come through, but a few JDM and USDM cars as well. We aren't complaining though, the more the merrier, especially for a meet with the risk of rain. JDM Cars that came through; Toyota X90 Mark II Regalia Grande imported from Japan, this right hand drive Toyota was a mint feature at the event with it's 40k original miles and clean interior and exterior to boat. Another show stopper was the Ford Focus RS that joined the show. With it's stance and aero, the Focus stood out like a sore thumb with these euro cars, but was a welcomed edition to the crowd.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who came out and participated in this event! Not only do you make this event worth throwing, you make us realize that there really was a need for this event and helped us decide that it absolutely should push on through next year! That's right, the PDX Euromeet is confirmed to continue through 2020. Same place, same time slot but dates will vary due to intermittent weather concerns and other events in the area. We don't want to make our attendee's be under any stress due to weather or miss out on any of the other large yearly events that happen in our area. Keep tuned to our page for event announcements throughout the following year.

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