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AVO Turboworld - Who, What and When?

Created on 2021-05-05 by Megan Russell

Products/Services : 

Bolt-On Turbochargers & Kits,  Intercooler Systems using latest state of the art Bar & Plate Core; Automotive electronic components others; Link Engine Management.


Company Background


AVO Turboworld (Galaxy Services Pty. Ltd. T/As A.V.O. Advanced Vehicle Operations Australia) was established in 1994; a relatively small operation with seven staff situated at a high-profile site in Springvale, Victoria.  The business was relocated to a larger more ‘user-friendly’ facility at 57 Taunton Drive, Cheltenham, Melbourne in 1998, and continued as a 100% family owned concern. 

Terry Wilson has headed the company since its inception.  His experience in the turbocharging industry is significant, having been employed in varying capacities including head development engineer.  He has been working in the motorsport and turbocharging industry for 55 years.  Terry first started in the family business in the early 1970’s and has had many  successes in motorsport.

AVO Turboworld Awards:

-  Winner of the Sports Sedan Six Cylinder Series on two occasions in the  1970’s.  

-  The first person in Australia to have a turbocharged racecar.

-  Designer and builder of the first Twin Turbo 4WD Falcon in the world.

-  The Guinness Book Of Records for the fastest caravan tow in the world.

-  Preparation of Racecars ie. Mr Krishnan of Singapore – His Nismo GTR R32 was prepared and maintained by Mr. Terry Wilson

Terry has travelled most of the world designing and prototyping turbosystems for all sorts of vehicles.  Prototyping turbosystems for all sorts of vehicles including the following : 4WD Diesel vehicles; BMW 318i’s; Nissan Patrol 4.5 & 4.8L; Toyota Landcruiser 6 cylinder & V8; Mazda MX5/Roadster; and many more.

He has developed AVO Turboworld to be the leading aftermarket performance shop in Australia.  AVO Turboworld is committed to bringing their customers the latest technology and quality products.  AVO stands behind all products they offer with full customer support and technical advice.  AVO now has a very strong distribution network throughout Australia, Japan,Thailand and USA, Dubai.

AVO Turboworld specialises in the application of turbocharger and normally aspirated technology with many makes and models of motor vehicle.  Kits are researched and developed to provide improved performance with total reliability, whilst also meeting related Australian motoring standards.  The company remains at the leading edge of design with turbocharger ancillaries including a specific intercooler, and associated electronics.  


Galaxy Services Pty. Ltd. T/As A.V.O. Advanced Vehicle Operations Australia

ABN 39 871 727 406


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